Hello and let me introduce myself....

The great team at justacard.org recently ran a campaign to encourage everyone to buy from small and independent makers and businesses. The first prompt was ‘10 Things about me’ which was a great incentive for me to put pen to paper (or fingers to keyboard!) and try to gather 10 facts that would help you know a little more about the person behind Naked Clay Ceramics. So….

I’m Carla and I live in Bedfordshire because I need big sky and natural water somewhere nearby to breathe properly.

Although I also make sculptural work I designed Naked Clay Ceramics as a range of tactile clay vessels to drink and eat from. I leave them unglazed on the outside because touch is important and comforting to me and I love the feel of natural fired earth. Eating and drinking are such intimate activities and vessels are one of the few things we allow to touch our mouths apart from our loved ones, so we should love the things we eat and drink from.

I love to start and finish the day with a nice mug. I have a huge collection of handmade mugs, pourers and jugs by other potters and makers. I keep mine on a shelf in the kitchen so every time I’m in the kitchen I have a little ‘art gallery’ to look at!

I have a studio on the site of an old plant nursery in the Bedfordshire countryside.

Sets of four or six identical things make me shudder. It’s not natural! My crockery and wine glasses are all matching but different!

I originally qualified as a geologist and chemist and spent 14 years in the water industry as a Groundwater Protection Officer, cajoling and/or threatening waste disposal operators, multinational companies and farmers into changing their practices to avoid contaminating our underground drinking water supplies.

15 years ago I gave up my sensible career and went back to University. I graduated with a BA in Applied Art and my conversion to the dark side was complete!

I started my studio life 12 years ago as a glass artist making fused and cast glass vessels.

I have been teaching Silver Jewellery Making at adult evening classes for the last 10 years. I love enabling people to have the space to discover their creativity in a supportive environment.

I try to spend a few days each month in Snowdonia to keep my head from falling off. No clocks, television or microwave. Mostly just walking, reading and cooking new recipes.

Now it’s your turn to tell me something about you!

I have a collection of recipes from Instagrammers and food bloggers that I’m hoping will look good on my black stoneware plates (and the porcelain ones) as well as a couple of recipes I have developed myself. Once the range is complete I’d love to share the recipes and photos with you.

Do you like to cook? Are you a baker or savoury cook? What’s your favourite recipe?
What do you do to keep yourself sane?
How do you like to start the day? Do you have any little comforting rituals?

Let me know, I’d love to hear from you!

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